12-13 September 2024 | Berlin


This year’s IGDS WDSS Award campaign comprises of the following two categories:

World's Best Business Partner to Department Stores

Launched in 2018, this award honours fruitful partnerships and successful cooperation with department stores by global business partners (brands, vendors, suppliers, consultants or other relevant services providers such as technology, finance etc.) Department Stores from around the world are invited to nominate their best business partners.

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World's Best Marketing Campaign by a Department Store

Since 2015, the goal of this unique award is to recognize the importance of marketing campaigns in order to increase brand equity, reputation and trust. Ultimately, building the store brand, creating footfall, increasing conversion rates as well as connecting with new and current customers will lead to commercial success and impact. The campaign should be conducted by a department stores or co-branded with partners. Participation is open to Department Stores worldwide.

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Please send the completed Entry Form by Friday, 12th June 2024 to:
Award Fiduciary
Patrick Zumbuehl Patrick.Zumbuehl@kuechler-treuhand.ch

For more details, please contact:
IGDS Campaign Manager 
Ameya Sharma ameya.sharma@igds.org

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The results will be released at the Official Dinner of the 15th IGDS World Department Store Summit on 12th September 2024 in Berlin.



Winners of the IGDS WDSS Awards 2023 in Dubai

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